Project Description

The Story

Klinche is a construction payment management platform that aims to eliminate many inefficiencies that occur regularly throughout the supply chain. Through its unique payment process, it phases out the middle man between supply chain payments. Now, whoever is atop any construction project has the funding control and visibility of where payments are flowing.

At Klinche, I was in charge of the entire development team, which included hiring and managing developers, architecting the platform, and performing the final code reviews. I led the original platform implementation from the first prototype, to Wells Fargo Bank integration via ACH, and designed the entire database.



Techy Details

I originally developed Klinche using the Symfony 3 PHP framework with a Vagrant development environment. It was deployed to Amazon Web Services using AWS OpsWorks with Chef on the Linux platform. I then led a movement in 2017 to dockerize the entire platform which also included rewriting the entire front end to use Angular 5. Once I split the platform apart, the back end was deployed using Terraform with Kubernetes and the front end was compiled, and then deployed, to Amazon CloudFront.