Project Description

The Story

Orbital Network Engineering was the first job I ever had. I began as a summer intern working on documentation and quality assurance for their custom made PCI receiver cards. After the first summer working there, I moved to working on automating the build processes for their custom flavor of linux. I created various build tools that created a huge productivity increase in the office. Instead of having to manually create linux images for the various computers and get the necessary pieces in order, you just had to use a GUI on a computer I setup in the lab to select what you wanted. Then, insert a disk drive into the computer for it to create it.

After working on office automation, I had the opportunity to start working on cleaning up the Java User Interface GUI’s that were used on the computers being sent to Lockheed Martin and Space Systems Loral. I became the main developer in charge of the GUI’s almost immediately and worked to streamline the GUI process by removing duplicate code across multiple code bases.


Techy Details

At Orbital Network Engineering I used a variety of technologies such as Java, C, CVS, and Jenkins. I also did a variety of hardware testing and user documentation.