Project Description

The Story

When the original Apple Watch came out I began thinking about what kinds of applications would benefit from being readily available on your wrist. Around this same time, I was going to Disneyland more frequently after getting an Annual Pass for the first time. I figured why not combine my love of Disney with my love of programming? I was able to get ride wait time data and then I populated it to a swipe and scroll style interface that works perfectly for the Apple Watch.  

This app has also now become my testing app for all new iOS features that debut. It has received numerous updates to keep it up-to-date and even has a tvOS version! It is one of the most popular apps that is currently still live on the AppStore that I have worked on.


en-US-iPhone6Plus-0-DisneyLand-WaitTimes-portrait en-US-iPhone6Plus-1-DisneyLand-Fastpasses-portrait en-US-iPhone6Plus-2-Attraction-DrillDown-portrait en-US-iPhone6Plus-3-DisneyLand-MeetAndGreets-portrait en-US-iPhone6Plus-4-DisneyLand-Entertainment-portrait

Techy Details

I created the back end for this app with Symfony 3 and it provides an interface to manage the wait time and attraction data. It is currently deployed using Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform and was originally a Chef deployed app on Amazon Web Services. The app is written entirely in Swift and was one of the first that I made using Swift. I also created an Android version that was written in Java and is lightly maintained.