The Story I had always wanted to create a social app like Snapchat, Twitter, or Facebook, so I was constantly thinking about what could be the next trend. Then, the idea occurred to me- what about the ability to spark a conversation with other people within your vicinity? This is especially useful when you do [...]



The Story Klinche is a construction payment management platform that aims to eliminate many inefficiencies that occur regularly throughout the supply chain. Through its unique payment process, it phases out the middle man between supply chain payments. Now, whoever is atop any construction project has the funding control and visibility of where payments are flowing. [...]



The Idea While working various Venture Capitol circuits, DABSquared met Alberto Savoia. In exchange for helping pretotype one of his ideas, he provided feedback to us for Curveu. The idea that he wanted to try was buying goods from and selling to your Facebook friends. People are always posting on their Facebook account when they are [...]

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