When I was young, if I had been told that I would journey down the path of computer programming, I would have laughed. Now, it is my main ambition.

The day that programming clicked for me was one of the best days ever. I used to think that programming was incredibly difficult and that it was something that I would never end up doing. Then, one day when I was working at my first internship it just clicked. Suddenly, I started to understand how the pieces connected together, how every language is very similar, and how much I actually enjoyed making something appear from nothing on my screen.

From that moment on, I knew programming was what I wanted to do. Even more so, I wanted to make something that was useful and would make a difference in society.

Fast forward to today. I have worked on a variety of different applications and technologies- from my start in satellites, to changing education with data, to a construction management platform. I have only just begun my journey in this fast paced and ever-changing, technology-based society and I hope to follow this path as far as it will take me.



“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs
When Steve Jobs was creating the first Mac, he not only cared about how the finished product appeared to the consumer, but also what the internals of the finished program looked like. When I work on a project, I always ensure that the code is just as aesthetically pleasing as the user interface because without a solid foundation to build the cool interface on, the finished solution will not stand up.

Staying up till 3 in the morning, drinking multiple cups of coffee, wearing headphones blasting the jams— that’s what coding is really about. Whether it is bringing a new idea to life, or modifying an existing project, I absolutely love coding. There is nothing more magical than seeing an app realized from start to finish (well not exactly finished because what app really is?). If you can dream it, I can code it and everything is possible. This is what I love to do and this is what I am good at.


Which database? What language? Which cloud provider? How will it scale with a team? These are all questions that need to be answered carefully for any project and I make sure these decisions are not made irrationally. It is always important to understand the use case of the project, where it should be in 5 years time, and who makes up the team that will be developing it. Architecting is one of the most difficult parts of any project, but also one of my favorites. The decisions you make in the beginning determine the entire course of the product and could either drive it to immense success or ultimate failure.



My dad is always saying to me, “It’s not about doing something to make money, it’s about doing something that you love.” I try to always try to follow that philosophy and any project I work on truly does become my passion. When you find the enthusiasm in a job you are completing, it is no longer work. It is your passion. From working on small front-end features to creating an awesome, reproducible development environment, I really do enjoy it all.
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript

  • Angular 5

  • PHP/Symfony

  • Java

  • Swift/Objective-C

  • C++/C/C#

  • GoLang

  • Kubernetes/Docker

  • HashiCorp Terraform

  • Amazon Web Services/Google Cloud

  • And Much Much More!


The best part about coding is once you know one language, you can know them all. I am able to learn a new coding language’s basics within a day and can be productive coding in it within a week. I love the fact development is constantly moving because that means that I get to constantly learn and not stay stagnant within the bounds of one specific area. From DevOps to back-end architecture to front-end design I can do it all!





Like everything you see about me? Then let’s get in touch! Whether it be a job, an idea or we share the same goals I’d love to chat with you!